Mission and Vision

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Mission Statement

To honor Charlie Grant's incredible life and legacy, we support organizations and programs that embrace a WHOLE-istic approach to life by empowering us all to be active participants in our health and well-being.

Charlie's Vision

Charlie lived a complete and whole life, even, or perhaps even more so, as he was fighting cancer. When faced with this challenge, he discovered what was truly important in life, and wanted to inspire others to do the same through this foundation. 

What Charlie learned and wanted to pass on was the importance of surrounding himself with love, appreciating the beauty in everyday life, focusing on diet and exercise to enhance and extend life, and removing stress from life as much as possible.

In his own words, below were Charlie’s key mantras that led to the creation of this foundation, which we hope you and many others will also find inspiring:

We invite you to explore the stories and inspirational content on our website, and to share what inspires you.

News & Events

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Tell or remind somebody - especially a young person - how good he or she is at something. We all need to hear it. Do this every day.
- Charlie Grant

Stories & Inspiration

Jul 15 By Ben Teller
Being diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) at ages 18, 20 and 22, wasn’t the way I had...
Apr 10 By Kelsi Morrow-Fernandez
I met Charlie Grant around the year 2000, and little did I know at the time what an impact he would...
Apr 9 By Matthew Feitshans
I have often equated getting cancer with suffering a drive-by shooting. There's no reason or rhyme...
Apr 8 By Sara Lisch
For close to half my life, I’ve had an on-again/off-again obsession with living a healthy life...