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The Foundation supports organizations and programs that align with our mission to honor Charlie’s life and legacy.

We are proud to currently partner with two outstanding medical organizations that embrace a WHOLE-istic approach to treating and healing patients by empowering them to be active participants in their health and well-being. 

Your support allows us to fund innovative programs like these:    

Charlie Grant Garden at Dell Children’s Medical Center

As a fitting tribute to Charlie, within the hospital's Healing Garden, a growing vegetable and herb garden that is part of the Healthy Hospital Program will soon be named for Charlie. 

The plans for the Charlie Grant Garden will honor him in a beautiful and meaningful way:

  • Enhancements will transform the garden into an instructional, kid-friendly, outdoor learning lab
  • The garden will grow into a life-giving space fed by sunlight and facing the patient wings
  • The Healthy Hospital program will grow its WHOLE-istic approach to care, further encouraging patients, families, and members of the medical care team to work together on the shared goal of improved health
  • The hospital will expand its Nutrition & Cooking Classes for patients and families
  • The installation of a teaching island will allow for ongoing education presentations and outdoor cooking demonstrations
  • The popular Farmer’s Market held in the hospital cafeteria will increase in frequency and scope 

Visionary Founder of the Healthy Hospital Program at Dell Children’s - Dr. Stephen Pont

  • Nationally recognized pediatrician and advocate for children's wellness efforts
  • Founding Medical Director of the Texas Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Childhood Obesity
  • Embraces Charlie's WHOLE-istic approach through new model of care that includes an emphasis on better mental health, a healthy diet and regular physical activity

Help Us Grow the Charlie Grant Garden

Please join us to support this special endeavor that aligns perfectly with Charlie's wishes for the work of his foundation. Visit our Donate Now page to learn how your name can be listed on a beautiful permanent plaque in Charlie's Garden. We hope we can include your name on this special list! 

Please consider a donation by the end of this year to be part of this unique naming opportunity in the Charlie Grant Garden.


Integrative Medicine Program, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

We are also proud of our ongoing partnership with MD Anderson in Charlie's honor. We continue to provide copies of the book Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD, to the hospital's Learning Center for patients and their families.

With increased demand, we look forward to expanding our support this year and beyond. Donate a book to a patient today by joining Charlie’s Book Club.

The Integrative Medicine Program engages patients and their families to become active participants in improving their physical, psycho-spiritual and social health. The ultimate goals are to optimize health, quality of life and clinical outcomes through personalized evidence-based clinical care, exceptional research and education.

Visionary Professor and Director of MD Anderson’s Integrative Medicine Program - Dr. Lorenzo Cohen

  • Distinguished Clinical Professor, Fudan University Cancer Hospital, Shanghai, China
  • Founding member and past president of the international Society for Integrative Oncology
  • Leading research and trials examining the effects of integrative medicine practices and lifestyle changes to reduce side effects of cancer and cancer treatments and improve quality of life and outcomes. 

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Immerse Yourself in Beauty. Bathe in Possibility. It’s Everywhere.
- Charlie Grant

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