My Whole-istic Approach to Control MS

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Kelsi Morrow-Fernandez

I met Charlie Grant around the year 2000, and little did I know at the time what an impact he would have on my life.

MS Diagnosis

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and a brain aneurism, coincidentally about six weeks prior to Charlie’s cancer diagnosis.  At the time of my diagnosis, I also had two small children (4 months and 2 years old), so the anxiety and related stress were overwhelming.

Charlie was quick to reach out, and counseled me through much of it. Everyone handles challenging information in their own way. 

Food & Lifestyle

I wanted to take as much control over my health and general prognosis as possible, and that meant getting to the source of my disease. For me, that meant food and lifestyle. 

I researched as much as I could find, and focused on what I could do that was in my control. In addition to seeing a neurologist, I also started seeing a holistic doctor. He ran several food allergy and hormone tests, and assured me that if I stuck to a diet loaded with greens, limited my alcohol and avoided all my food allergies (mostly gluten and dairy), I could eventually go off my MS drugs and live nearly symptom-free.

My Recovery

I decided to commit 100%. After a year of sticking to a clean diet and incorporating other healthful activities into my life, I went off my daily MS drugs. Today I remain, for the most part, symptom free.

After Charlie’s diagnosis, we would often compare notes about what we both were learning. I firmly believe that his dedication to his healthy lifestyle during his treatment allowed for a longer and better quality of life, and I can say the same for me.

After making these lifestyle changes, I am not only mostly symptom-free, but am thriving as a result. I also have the peace of mind that my kids are learning at an early age the importance of healthy living and how to thrive through diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Kelsi Morrow-Fernandez serves as a Trustee of the Charles Grant Charitable Foundation. Read Kelsi's bio here.

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